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Who We Are

Horizons4Girls works to help young women discover, in a safe setting, the options they have as they travel through life.   Horizons provides a listening ear while working to stop at-risk behaviors.  Horizons, while working with family, teachers,   social workers and others, works to surround the student with a supportive and safe setting to fully develop necessary life skills as they continue into their adulthood.

Services include, but not limited to:

  • Job shadowing
  • Study skills
  • Goal setting and problem solving
  • Anger management
  • Alcohol and drug awareness
  • Life and job skills
  • Effective, safe communications
  • Grief issues
  • Community service
  • Neglect and abuse issues
  • Physical fitness
  • Family issues

Horizons4Girls recently celebrated the certification of three new mentors during January - National Mentoring Month. On Thursday, 1/15/2015, at the Ignite the Spark event the certifications were officially provided to Sara Walsh and Liz Adleman. Congratulations to all three young ladies on a wonderful accomplishment! Mentors help to light that internal spark in our girls. That 'spark' will motivate our students throughout their life! Read more...

What We Do

Horizons4Girls mentors, lighting a spark ~ that inspires the internal promise of each student as they fulfill their academic and personal goals.

A supportive structured setting

In both group and individual settings young women are offered mentoring, study skills / techniques. As family life, peer pressure, and educational expectations become more of a challenge for young women, they are often looking for personalized assistance with their studies and life decisions. The opportunity to explore ever changing career options is made available as part of what Horizons4Girls does. Giving the young women a variety of speakers, presenters and potential role models we help them to develop their own personal goals.


GOAL: High school graduation with life plan for 5+ years

MEASUREMENT: By June 2020, 100 students from H4G program achieve goal


  • Successful long term mentor relationship (includes involvement of school/social worker)
  • Academically successful by attending classes & completing assignments (80%)
  • Before HS graduation - 80 hours of job shadowing/internships (buy-in from employers)


  1.  Horizon4Girls is accredited by (currently one of only 4 organizations meeting those criteria in Sheboygan County).
  2.  Horizons4Girls is an approved service provider to Sheboygan County DHHS, as well as Milwaukee & Washington Counties.
  3.  Horizons4Girls is a recognized 40 Developmental Assets Champion. Founder Char Pachniak is trained in ‘train the trainer’ by Search Institute.
  4. Char Pachniak, Founder & CEO has been trained by SASD in PBIS (Positive Behavior Intervention Support).
  5. Char Pachniak, Founder & CEO has received training by Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention in delivering results based programming.
  6. Char Pachniak, Founder & CEO is a certified facilitator in Strengthening Families (Iowa State University).
  7. Horizons4Girls does not teach, does not preach, Horizons4Girls provides mentoring




What do you want to be when you grow?

That’s a question we were all asked as we grew up – a question I still ask myself! Guess that means there is value in lifelong learning. My first answer - I interned as a secretary back in 1970, but quickly moved on to MANY other paths - medical receptionist/assistant, sales (cleaning products, makeup, furniture) and then a long stent in radio starting in sales and moving into management – staying there for 22 years. Still on that search for ‘what I want to be when I grew up’ I continued that lifelong learning including hours and hours of volunteering. Motivated by my work as a volunteer I began my career in non-profits – literacy council, children’s museum, naval museum and then birthed Horizons4Girls.

Horizons4Girls works with referrals from middle and high schools throughout Sheboygan County, both public and private. Our students are often learning basic survival skills, working to complete high school, improving social skills; and setting and accomplishing goals they have set for themselves for school, home and their personal life.  We surround our students with a circle of support they learn to trust, they explore the world around them, they develop skills they will use in life, experience successes and often discover their passion. Horizons4Girls mentors ~ inspiring the internal promise of each student as they fulfill their academic and personal goals. We ignite a spark and those sparks help our students see and experience their full potential.

That spark might be ‘out there’ in the world of work and we strive to give our students experience in a wide range of careers over their various Spring breaks. Over the past couple weeks they have job shadowed careers in radio, horse rescue, attorneys, artists, photographers, pet supplies, coffee shop, organic gardening, auto technicians, resale shop, daycare, nursing, business administration, animal behaviorists, massage therapists and more. Our students were able to gain on the job experience, ask questions and explore career options.

Dozens of businesses and professionals opened their doors, spent hours answering questions and explained what their particular field is all about. Our students begin to understand some next steps they can take. The work we do is done with dozens of volunteers giving hundreds of volunteer hours. Those volunteers are interviewed, screened and trained. Earlier this year we recognized several of our volunteers for achieving the level of certification as a mentor. The work we do with students we refer to as ‘at promise’, is work that our communities need to recognize as work they can ALL be a part of.

For more information regarding Horizons4Girls and the work they do visit, email,  or call 920-254-1584